Introducing document management into a company also means integrating the system with existing third party systems, such as ERP / management, CRM, Quality systems, in order to centralize information, store it and make it searchable on a single repository.

In addition to allowing the integration, management, organization, sharing and archiving of documents and information, MDM offers the possibility of building customized processes through an editor based on BPM technology, which allows you to exit pre-established schemes and automate entire processes. By designing the processes, tasks will be assigned to specific users or automated services linked to the type of document and / or access channel will be activated.

In this way, it will be easier to manage the Supplier Portal and Customer Portal in a completely automated and organized manner, with all the documentation necessary for the qualification of users.

Prepare ad hoc workflow for the management of RdO / RdA – OdA, may request an approval from the sector manager, their classification and the link to other attachments such as quotes, bills and invoices.
DTT, with the possibility of creating them directly on the MDM document management system and associating one or more DTTs to the reference invoice.

The document system will also allow the preparation of a procedures and management of practices control system. E.g. the purchasing department will have full view of the order status and spending budget, and in turn the administration office can follow the billing status associated with certain orders.

Among other features, the possibility of:

  • Deadline management, invoices will be managed according to a deadline calendar used for email notification or system alert.
  • PA and B2B electronic invoice that can follow an Approval Issue process to the electronic invoice.
  • Multiplatform Management Enterprise content Management on Liferay Portal and Alfresco for web content management
  • Contract management, with electronic signature, and immediate sharing with reference offices.


Eliminate paper records

Streamline the document flow

Develop automated information systems

Improve administrative transparency

Define roles and permissions for access to administrative documentation

Centralize the AOO logging system

We guarantee a systemic approach oriented to security and data protection.
Antonio Minnella – Senior Software engineer


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