Outsourcing document management services improves administrative processes in finance and insurance, HR and all back office services.
The digitization of contracts and related documentation are a requirement in this sector.



The logging system is completely rethought from an IT perspective, allowing the acquisition of documentation, identification of document type and metadata of the document.

Other document management advantages for the finance and insurance sector worth highlighting:

  • Management of multi-area logging, and connected directly to the PEC;
  • Centralized management of memos, the notification system and management of BoD invitations;
  • Recording of accounting documents, such as supplier invoices, and the activation of payment approval processes;
  • Management of incoming and outgoing PA and B2B electronic invoices through the Sdl;
  • Management of contracts with various types of electronic signature, even multiple, on the document;
  • Sending of various types of documents according to legal requirements.


Reduction of paper documents and dematerialization

Indexing of documents

Search by metadata and full text

Reduction of management time and efficiency

Validation of documentation and reduction of errors

Audit on procedures

Dematerialization and digitalization of processes is one of the key points for the development of strategies based on business intelligence analysis.
Fabio Carlino – CEO


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