The impact of top down technologies on the health sector promotes dialogue between health structures, NHS, suppliers, patients and operators.
Dematerialization of medical records, management of reports and massive signatures, digitization of informed consent, system integration, contract management, invoice management, NSO order sorting node.



MDM is able to manage and integrate all document flows within any health facility by integrating the collection, exhibition, dematerialisation and conservation of digital native documents from diagnostic tools, dematerialization and management of paper archives, integration of FEA and signature digital for approved approval and retention processes, centralized management of privacy and informed consent, sharing of

clinical documents to facilitate dialogue between operators and patients and publication of electronic medical records.

For our customers, we are able to integrate all the functions relating to the tracking of the Clinical Records digitalization process and the same search and consultation tools in digital format into a single solution. Original medical records are sent to the physical archives, initiating a new shipment request directly from the MDM interface which, once the request is approved, MDM directly generates the DDT to proceed with the sending.

When a folder is requested for consultation, an approval process triggers approval and signature by the health director. From MDM it is possible to search for a medical record thanks to the metadata that allows you to perform massive research on medical records.

MDM also allows the integration of all the accounting flow relating to the management of the active and passive cycle for electronic invoices and the management of the OdA via NSO (for National Health Service structures) and the register of suppliers for individuals. All flows are managed according to the provisions of current legislation in compliance with the technical rules set out for the training, management and storage of IT documents.


Integration with existing systems within the Institution

Optimization of document flows

Greater control and monitoring of activities through the audit function available in MDM

Assignment of roles and permits according to organizational needs

The current regulatory landscape requires the electronic management of all documentation relating to the relationships between healthcare companies and their suppliers.
Giusy Potì – Marketing Manager


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