Digital Transformation and new business oriented digital assets.
Solutions to build document workflows thanks to the process editor (BPM), supplier register, contracts and personnel file, third-party system integration.

To prepare companies for change, we start from the dematerialisation of existing documents and structure a system capable of managing the processes until now managed with paper documentation, on digital systems integrated with document functions.It is no longer just a matter of choosing a digital document, but rather reorganizing its systems and connecting them, in order to have a single management and control tool that allows us to be efficient, and compliant at the same time.

The modular solutions of MDM are highly customizable, to adapt and grow according to the processes to be managed, and to integrate with the related back office and third-party services.

The electronic document becomes a set of data and information that can be searched, archived according to classification rules, and more easily shared between the various offices. The set of metadata that makes up the document can define real models that we call “Document Types” (eg invoices, receipts, coupons, contracts ..) which allows the document system to automatically recognize and manage them without user intervention, for sending, assigning, signing, recording, storing.

Among the solutions created for our client companies, which are based on document management on a single repository, we have:

  • the supplier portal and the customer portal, with web interface connected to the MDM modules and functions;
  • the management of the PA and B2B electronic invoice, for the active and the passive cycle, which can be regulated by an approval workflow;
  • an IT protocol management system linked to email and which can follow tasks based on automatic rules, such as assignments to specific offices or users;
  • a completely paperless management of contracts with various types of digital signatures and FEA, which prove useful in the employment agency sector, for multiple signing of contracts with three parties, such as worker – agency – company.


Eliminate paper records

Streamline the document flow between the different offices

Develop automated information systems

Monitor activities from any device

Define roles and permissions for access to documentation

Allocate economic and financial resources conserved for business strategies

We develop organizational documentary models, capable of optimizing production flows and interoperability between different areas, compliant with legislation.
Nina Preite – Business Development


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