We use open-source document management to create dedicated IT systems, for Document management of companies, and we offer system integration. Thanks to highly competent specialists, we are able to optimize document processes and customize solutions based on customers’ needs with user-friendly system.


We analyze and monitor the overall response to the brand on the network, to create a comprehensive map of reputation online. We observe the sentiment on products and services on search engines, social media, blogs and online communities, and are aware of emerging trends in order to improve and define a communication strategy and competitive keywords.


Consulting on system integration and applications based on multi-tier Enterprise architectures in JEE environments, integration of software systems with SOA and Rest architectures, migration and porting of systems, data and documents, mapping and integration with LDAP systems, performance testing and tuning, support for scalability, high-reliability, load-balancing, redundancy, disaster recovery (DR) for optimizing the Enterprise-level architecture.


We develop systems for managing Enterprise level companies’ communication through ECM and WCM frameworks, projecting the front-end and back-end of each project in order to respond to the specific needs of each client with product customization or solution creation.


We design content management systems, through the use of advanced and interoperable technologies. Turnkey projects that eliminate mediation for access, creation, use, information and content modification, allowing the end user to use the most advanced technologies without the need of specific technical skills and zero-training.


We create multi-platform apps for mobile and tablets, identifying the product concept and its usability within the app. We create specific products for all the main operating systems (iOS, Android) and multi-platform, also thanks to the use of HTML 5


We carry out multi-platform social marketing campaigns, making the most of tools for analyzing and checking results. We take care of the brand reputation of our customers and help them protect the value of their brand in the digital world. We create dedicated media content and software for interaction with the main social networks.


We are specialized in positioning websites on the main search engines, thanks to the implementation of an innovative marketing mix made up of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SMO (Social Marketing Optimization). We monitor the brand’s exposure on the web and create solutions for the management and complete analysis of a brand’s activities on the web.